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Double Gold at the New Haven Open!

After an amazing year of international competitions across the country Josef Manuel ends the year with another successful campaign at the IBJJF New Haven Open. In the featherweight division Manuel put on a display of technical superiority over his opponent executing a beautiful takedown within the first few seconds of the match. In addition to the 2 points scored Manuel added another 3 points on the scoreboard after securing a guard pass immediately after the Morote Seoinage take down. Once in the side control position Manuel set up an elaborate arm isolation system (front crucifix) where he was able to submit his opponent with a beautiful super brabo strangle. In the semifinals match of the absolute division Manuel continued his technical domination defeating his opponent with powerful armlock submission where he secured his spot in the Open Class finals. In the finals match Manuel implemented speed and movement which overwhelmed his opponent forcing the opponent to hold and stall until the clock ran out. Manuel won via points to secure the victory in the finals of the Absolute division making him a Double Gold Medalist.

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