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Professor Manuel Wins GOLD!

Professor Josef Manuel competed again this past weekend at the 2023 IBJJF Atlanta International Open and in Ze Cobra fashion put on a show for the spectators. Apart from Manuel there was only one other athlete in the Master 4 Feather Weight category which pit them against each other to dispute a finals match. As soon as the referee gave the command “combate” the action commenced with Manuel scoring two points from a collar drag takedown. His opponent answered back with a sweep of his own which tied the match 2 -2 only 45 seconds into the match. After being reset in the center of the mat from having gone out of bounds with his opponent in the double under position Manuel attacked with a powerful triangle strangle. The opponent attempted to counter the attack but was rendered unconscious just before the 3 minute mark. Follow Manuel on Instagram to catch the highlight of the match.

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